About HES CrossFit

HES CrossFit is a lifestyle program that aims to enhance the Confidence, Strength, & Citizenship of its participants. We believe that CONFIDENCE is the foundation upon which all of our successes are built.

Forging such confidence, particularly during the middle school years, has proven to be immeasurably valuable to our students as they prepare to take on the rigors that teenage life demands. CrossFit helps our students to enhance their physical and mental strength by developing resiliency, goal setting skills, and self esteem.

In addition, as our children are becoming more and more sedentary and with childhood obesity rising at an alarming rate, there is a growing need to incorporate health and fitness into the lives of our kids. By laying a solid foundation of fitness ideals from an early age, we can reduce the risk of disease, injury, and build a better future for our young ones.

Since CrossFit is a generalist program, our kids program follows a similar philosophy. We cover the broad skills and movements essential for life and athletics. Improvements in the gym translate directly to better performance on the soccer field as well as fostering a life of health and wellness.

We strive to make our program fun. Every session includes a warm-up, focus work on a basic athletic movement and or gymnastics skill, and concludes with a short Workout of the Day. We find the universal scalability of the activities both applicable and enjoyable for all of our athletes.

As stated above, classes are structured to give the athlete’s progressive exposure to gymnastics and strength training as well as an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

HES CrossFit – Strong People – Strong Community!